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APHA 2024

Call for Abstracts

To honor the Latino Caucus' impact on the health of Latina/o/x, we invite the submission of abstracts to cover innovative approaches and strategies to enhance trust within the Latina/o/x community, improve overall health outcomes, and promote collaboration among researchers, practitioners, and community members to address health disparities and build a more equitable public health system. The abstracts will be reviewed based on the following topics. 

  • Challenges and Triumphs, Data Disaggregation on Latino Health Research

  • Latino Migration and Culturally Tailored Healthcare

  • Multiculturalism Latinos, Building Trust in Public Health

  • The Impact of Colorism and Colonialism on Latino Health and Health Disparities

  • ¡Elevar! Latino Voices in Political Determinants of Health

Deadline: March 29, 2024


Call for Reviewers

The Latino Caucus for Public Health is seeking reviewers to help evaluate and review abstract submissions for the APHA 2024 Annual Meeting.


Call for 2024 APHA Award Nominations

LCPH extends appreciation for the essential public health initiatives addressing Latino health and invites individuals to nominate themselves or their colleagues for the prestigious APHA Awards. Each year, the American Public Health Association honors excellence in public health leadership and innovation, recognizing contributions from state and local health officials to advocates championing public health within the halls of Congress. Embrace the opportunity to nominate those who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to advancing public health, with a specific emphasis on the critical landscape of Latino health.

Deadline: April 1, 2024

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